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"Twist of Fate" (Lookup Theatre) explores the universal experience of overcoming life’s obstacles presented in a profoundly personal way. It is the true story of Artistic Director, Angola Murdoch. This performance depicts her diagnosis, surgery, and recovery from scoliosis and how she lives now with a 10-inch metal spine and has been an international professional circus artist for the last 20 years.

7PM @ The Sheraton Hotel

Vitrine Quebec 


Welcome to  St. John's International CircusFest's Opening Soirée, proudly sponsored by the Quebec government. The event features Quebec circus artists and is hosted by local drag luminary Barbra Bardot. Join us for an evening of wonder, talent, and a delightful welcome drink.

8:30 PM @ The Sheraton Hotel (Doors Open at 8 PM)
By Invite Only
Saturday, September 23

"ROOTED: The Story of Dreams" (USA)

A celebration of the human spirit. Inspired by the history and resiliency of the American South, this piece intertwines Bboy Dance and Cyr Wheel to tell a story of generations of people. While celebrating the South’s cultural contributions, we challenge the audience to consider the complexities beneath the surface of modern society. We question the narratives we inherit and the stories we tell, to explore the nuances of identity, heritage, and culture.


"Gap of 42" (Germany)


Two dissimilar bodies meet acrobatically.

42 cm separate them in height, 42 kg in weight. A difference that connects and creates possibilities instead of being an obstacle. Extraordinary acrobatics will make you marvel, subtle humour will make you smile.

Three wooden objects equalize the difference in height and become a third partner on stage. The show is a compilation of contemporary circus, physical theatre and dance. Philosophical questions get asked, absurd moments arise and a glimpse of magic surprises.

“Seldom has one seen a dance or acrobatic couple that portrays the great themes of being so subtly, so poetically.” (Bernd Guido Weber in “Schwäbische” about GAP of 42)


NSO Masterworks 1:
"Under the Big Top"


We are thrilled that the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra will be back with us Under the Big Top! The NSO under the direction of Marc David, are collaborating with St. John’s International CircusFest again. The concert opens with the winner of the CMC Music competition. Then CircusFest curates a magical evening of circus acts together with orchestral accompaniment under the direction of Isabelle Chassé one of the co-founders of the world-renowned Quebec circus company, the 7 Fingers. It is a night of “oos and ahs” with great entertainment for the whole family.

8PM @  St. John's Arts & Culture Centre

Cirque Alfonse


With Animal, Cirque Alfonse takes us on a journey of discovery through a series of slightly surreal farm fables served up with a touch of irreverence, impressive virtuosity and the company’s familiar comic touch. In this re-invented agricultural world, the farm is turned upside down and the barn turned inside out!

A gentleman farmer has surrounded himself with some familiar but slightly outlandish creatures: the chickens have teeth, the ducks are slightly menacing and the cows are kicking up a fuss. In this “farm fantasy”, the imagination conjures up stories from childhood, rural life proves to be both energetic and poetic and clichés are joyfully turned on their head.
Yet again, the clan of family and friends that make up Cirque Alfonse has favoured its multidisciplinary approach where circus, song, dance and theatre all come together, driven by original live music … an irresistible mix of trad and soul that the troupe calls ‘agricultural funk! A production for young and old alike, Animal is the farm gone haywire! 

SUNDAY, 7PM @  St. John's Arts & Culture Centre
MONDAY 1PM @  St. John's Arts & Culture Centre
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