2019 SHOWS


Sponsored by
Association communautaire francophone de Saint-Jean



L'Impro Cirque

D.F. Cook Recital Hall


Featuring Special Guest Judges!

Alan Doyle, Amanda Mews, Irma Gerd (Atlantic Drag Star 1st place winner) and Mooky

An original and surprise-filled show with four teams—made up of four circus artists and an actor —that compete under the unflappable eye of the referees. Who will emerge victorious? It’s up to the spectators to vote for the winning team! Unexpected twists and turns abound, as each team battles to showcase their mastery of a circus discipline while respecting the most extravagant themes, with Wonder Trois Quatre serving up lively musical improv to accompany their on-stage shenanigans!


L’Impro Cirque brings together a wide variety of elements: improv, circus, music, sports, competition, dance and theatre. There’s something for everyone! Watch the creative process unfold in its rawest form and get closer to circus artists than ever before. On the agenda: focus, risk, good old-fashioned acting and big-time adrenaline. In short, an exciting evening promising all kinds of thrills for actors and spectators alike, and a festive atmosphere from start to finish!

Starring: L’Impro Cirque Team with Krin Haglund, Marie-Ève Dicaire, James Burke, Cooper Lee Smith, Claudel Doucet, Sido Adamson, Nadine Louis, and Bekka Rose
Company: L’Impro Cirque
Duration: approximately 70 - 90 minutes (no intermission)
Ages: All ages


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