All live panels, events, and workshops will be hosted on Zoom.

For the best experience, use Zoom on a desktop or laptop computer.

Consider using headphones to limit background noise.

To mute or unmute your microphone, click the “Mute” button in the lower left hand corner.

TIP: To be admitted from the wait room, you MUST have your Zoom name set to the same name you used to register for the festival.


This where the 2020 CircusFest lives virtually online anytime! All live events are anchored to a virtual venue on our Mural map.

Walk the streets of St. John’s and explore festival venues. Interact with circus professionals by commenting and reacting on discussion questions. Watch featured circus shows and replays of live events at a time that works for you.

TIP: You’ll receive an email with the link to the festival Mural. When you do, follow that link to sign-up for Mural for free. Make sign-in easier by using an existing email account, such as Gmail, to verify your account when you sign up.

TIP: MURAL is primarily for computers. There is an app for phones, but it has limited functionality. On your computer, MURAL works best on Firefox, Chrome, or the most recent version of Microsoft Edge. It doesn't work as great on Safari or older Microsoft browsers.


WhatsApp is an international calling and messaging service that allows you to connect with people worldwide without an international phone package!
WhatsApp will be used for the BuddyWalk event, and you can use it to connect with Festival Technical Support.


Download on your mobile device from your phone providers app store.

Festival Guest Tech Support

If you need help using any of these digital tools during our festival, email sandra@wonderbolt.ca or call 709-227-6681 via WhatsApp ONLY.


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