Family Circus Day/ Journée de Cirque

Sunday, September 26th, 2021
10:00am - 4:00pm
Johnson Geo Centre

Featuring (in no particular order):

AM Hosted by: Christopher Dunn, Susan Jarvis (NL)

PM Animé: Les Deux de Pique, Tamara Bousquet, Philippe Trépanier (QC)


Connie Parsons School of Dance (NL)

Micheal Conway: Magician (NL)

iFLY: Makenzie Wishart, Mya Rogers, Leah Burke, Olivia Quinn,
Taylor Bartlett, Gray Parsons, Lauren Woodruff, Sarah Predham,
Laura Bass, Leila Stewart, Jordan Micucci (NL)

Hayley Landry, Straps (ON)

Dean Bareham: Green Fools Theatre, Clown (AB)

Tupiq: Aerial & Hand to Hand (NU)

Halifax Circus: Guinevere Last & Ethan Avila, Hand to Hand (NS)

Terrance Littletent: Hoop Dancing (SK)

Angola Murdoch & Holly Treddenick (aerial) (ON)

Philippe Normand-Jenny (percussion acrobatique) (QC)