Small acts, big dreams – Community-building as a mindset Panel


Holly Treddenick



  • Catherine Jacques

  • Beni Malone

  • Alice Kop

  • Ruth Wikler

  • Annie Dugan

  • Tuedon Ariri

There’s a lot to learn from nature, and the lessons for us humans are invaluable. Trees communicate their needs with each other and send vital nutrients to their neighbours via the ground’s fungal network. This is an example of community building in action. It’s also a mindset you can harness to take on challenges and set goals, activate growth and new ideas and forge relationships that are meaningful and co-beneficial to all parties. Learn about the various ways to reimagine your projects and endeavours through the lens of community.

What’s Next? Circus in a Post-Pandemic World Panel


Stacy Clark



  • Bruno Gagnon

  • Terry Crane

  • Nadia Drouin

  • Joseph Pinzon

  • Marcelo C. Matta

Has the big top been turned upside down? Probably not, but it’s undeniable that a shift has occurred in performing arts. When the world shut down, artists did what they’ve always done -they stepped outside of their comfort zone, finding new ways to create, engage with, and inspire audiences. What are the lessons learned for the Circus from Covid? What new tools and ways of thinking will we carry forward to define what the future of our craft will look like?

Social Circus Panel


Hosted by Cirque Hors Piste & Lookup Theatre


Weak ties made strong, building social support through circus. Come discover the “how-to” of social circus in an interactive panel combining the lived experiences of youth participants and three leading practitioners in the field. Through the seven pillars of social circus we will explore how circuses can act as invaluable social support by creating safe spaces where expression, creativity and diversity are celebrated. 

Featured panelists include youth from 14 social circus organizations across Canada facilitated by Marilou Vinet (Cirque Hors Piste), Dean Bareham (Green Fools), Angola Murdoch (LookUp Theatre) and Rebecca Devi Leonard (Cirqiniq). 



Terrance Littletent: Hoop Dancing
Kim & Guillaume: parents-kids portée


Artist Talks: 3 Deep Dives into the Creation Process

Nicolas Descoteaux, Maryse Gosselin, Stacy Clark

Moderated by Jillian Keiley


Want to learn more about the inner workings of the creative process? Well, you're in for a treat with our 3 Deep Dives panel, where the worlds of Make-up Design, Lighting Design, and Casting Director will be highlighted as these three professionals show how their input enhances a performance! This Artist Talks Panel is enriching for creators of all kinds - So come dive into your creativity with SJICF!

Keynote Talk with Nassib El-Husseini 

Interviewed by Kai Bryan


From conflict resolution political scientist to spearheading a contemporary circus collective - Lessons for the stage and life

Transmutation: Keynote Talk with Jesko von den Steinen 

What Franco Dragone and “The house of Dancing water” taught me, that business school didn’t. 


Transposing the skillset of the creative process into a new career…

Visual Scribe

Thank you to Tanya Gadsby and Fuselight Creative for bringing extra pow to two of our festival presentations. Check out the timelapse of her creations below, and the panels for "Small Acts, Big Dreams: Community Building as a Mindset" and "What's Next: Circus in a Post-Pandemic World"